Getting Rid Of Mosquitos In The Yard

Your yard attracts a lot of mosquitos that are neither good for you nor the garden. It is crucial to eliminate these insects as they can cause harmful diseases like malaria and chickungunya.  

To prevent them from entering your yard, you can get control services for mosquito treatment in Jefferson or use a few tricks to do it yourself. Here are some methods to make all the mosquitos disappear from your yard: 

Regularly mow your lawn 

Mosquitos prefer living and breeding in tall grass. So, mow the lawn regularly and keep the grass as short as possible. With trimmed plants and shrubs, the chances of mosquitos attacking your yard will decrease. 

You have to keep track of how fast the grass grows as you may have to mow it once a week to repel mosquitos. 

Drain all the standing water 

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Mosquitos breed and lay their eggs on standing water. Have a look around your yard and empty all those objects that contain water. They can make puddles, bottles, and even watering cans home for breeding. 

If standing water is in much larger quantity, you can talk to a professional who will help you clean it up. You may also have to get rid of clogged gutters as they might be holding standing water. 

Spray repellents in your yard

You can use mosquito repellent sprays to kill the insects that are laying eggs in your yard. You can find them online, in a supermarket, or even make your own at home. Lavender oil, coconut oil, lemon juices, and other essential oils can help you make a mosquito repellent spray. 


Keep the mosquitos away from your yard to ensure your plants’ good health. Set mosquito traps or use repellent sprays to ensure that no mosquito enters your property.