Tips For Those Having To Do A Post Cleanup Job

After you have completed a construction job you may be standing there scratching your head wondering what to do next.  In fact, most that are faced with post-construction clean up are really looking for a quick and easy solution to get things done and move forward.  This is why post-construction cleaning services in Lake Bluff, IL are a great option.

Open windows

The first thing that you can do is open the windows and air out the space.  When you open the windows and allow fresh air in, it will help remove the musty and stale smell most often associated with new construction and dust.

Sweep the area first

Once your windows are open, take the time to sweep up the area.  This will help to clean the floors and prep the area.  It will also allow dust to flow out of the windows as well.

Dust everything

Now that you have cleaned out all or mostly all of the dirt, you will want to start and dust everything.  When you dust the surfaces of your space you are making sure it is clean and ready for the next step.  If you allow dust to remain it will soon get into the cracks and crevices and never seem to go away.

post-construction cleaning services in Lake Bluff, IL

When dusting you want to use a dry rag as well as a damp rag.  The damp rang will help clump up the dirt and dust making it easier to knock to the floor.  Once on the floor again you can go and sweep or otherwise clean.

Check and clean the air vents

Now that you have cleaned the area, you want to go and clean out the air vents.  You want to make sure that your air is as clean and pure as possible.  You don’t want to have dust that has collected in the cleaning process blown back out into your nice clean space.